.5 credit

Gordie Eck - Penn Manor

This course is designed to provide an introductory overview of the justice process and the criminal justice system. Throughout the course students will examine and discuss elements of crime, policing, and the legal aspects of criminal justice system. Students will also explore the idea of individual rights in a democratic society, including the struggle for society to balance the justice system between individual rights and public order.

Popular Music in America (Grades 09/10/11/12) #MUS014
Popular Music in America is designed for students who have an interest in music but may or may not be inclined toward musical performance. This online course will introduce the history and influence of American music within the broader context of American culture. The primary goal of the course is to forge connections between the world of contemporary pop music (with which most students are intensely involved) and the historical roots of this music (which most know very little about). Students will learn to distinguish between different styles and genres and will gain a solid understanding of how popular music is constructed and produced.